Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities

Celebration of Republic Day - 2012

We celebrate the National Events (The Republic Day) to pay Homage to the Martyrs & extend our respect to Mother Nation to express our obligations further to realize it to the people connected with us.

Chhas Vitran

We care the well-being of the local people & community in which we have a presence of our businesses and operations. To assist them closely, we focus on their basic needs.

  • Assist the meals in remote areas to workers
  • Assist the children to school
  • Medical Help through different Hospitals & Trusts

Gau Shala

  • Cattle Feeding and Animal Care

For Our Work Force

We demonstrate our commitment to all people involved in our value chain by protecting their human and labor rights and investing in training and employee development programs.

  • Promoting harmony in working environments
  • Daily Prayers in Morning
  • Educating & training each employee in a way that can achieve their full professional potential, in the interest of their future career within the Group